Packing Guide

Click here to download a PDF version of the packing guide.

Clothes: Modesty will be maintained at all times. All dresses, skirts and pants must cover the entire knee while seated–this is a MINIMUM REQUIREMENT. No transparent or form-fitting clothing (including yoga pants) allowed. No low cut/revealing tops. Tops must overlap pants (no visible tummies or lower backs). No apparel indicating political or controversial agendas. Always cover up when going to pool or bath house; bikinis and other two piece swimsuits will not be allowed, a robe or appropriate covering (to be worn between cabin, pool, and bath house), socks and shoes (two pairs recommended; closed-toed shoes are required after dark), bath shoes (if desired).

**Flat, plastic storage bins (approx. 40 in x 20 in x 7in) make GREAT compartments to store clothes in while at camp because they can slide under the bunk beds.**

Linens: Pillow, sheets (to fit a twin size bed), blanket or bedroll, towels, washcloths.

Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, brush or comb, deodorant, contact daily care items (if camper wears contacts).

Bible and Materials: Bible, notebooks, pens and pencils, highlighter.

Other: Flashlight, hat/cap, bug spray, camera (disposable recommended), fan (if desired), sunscreen.

Clearly label all items, including clothes, to ensure their return.

Do not bring snacks, mp3 players, radios, TV or cell phones.

Fireworks and other explosives, knives, guns or other weapons are forbidden.